Diabetes Secret #7

What Causes Diabetes?

Thanks to recent research we now understand the root cause of type 2 diabetes. I'll reveal everything below but first we need to look at the myths that doctors tell about the real diabetes cause.

"Diabetes is a Genetic Disorder"

Most doctors feel that somehow genetics can explain our out-of-control diabetes epidemic.

Problem is, though having one or more diabetic parents does in fact increase your diabetes risk somewhat, human genes change very, very slowly. It would take centuries of genetic change to even begin to explain how we've gone from two million diabetics to over 30 million in only 25 years.


"Obesity Causes Diabetes"

 This is the old "you're diabetic because you're fat" argument. While it's certainly true that there's some link between obesity and diabetes, a close look at the recent research on insulin and weight gain will clearly show that the doctors have it backwards.

Diabetics have very high insulin levels in their blood and that is what makes them overweight. The research proves that being diabetic causes you to become obese, not the other way around.

When you compare the increase in obesity to the extraordinary increase in diabetes cases, the obesity argument falls apart.


"Your Lifestyle Gave You Diabetes"

Yes, being inactive can exacerbate diabetes but given the alarming rate at which diabetes is spreading through our population, being a couch potato hardly explains this incredible growth.


The Real Root Cause of Diabetes Is:

Any doctor will be glad to tell you that the essential problem in type 2 diabetics is insulin resistance. The human body has evolved into a system that needs to have the insulin level in the blood remain in a narrow range.

When the insulin level climbs too high, it can damage tissues throughout the body, so the body protects itself by becoming insensitive to insulin. In effect it numbs itself so that insulin can no longer play it's natural role. As a result your blood sugar rises and you're given a formal diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

But the true root cause is having too much insulin in your blood. That's the basic problem that must be corrected if you're to have any change of a diabetes cure.

In my guide I'll show you the three ways you can quickly and easily get your blood insulin and blood sugar levels back down into the normal range and rid yourself of your diabetes - once and for all.