Diabetes Secret #8

Diabetes Complications
- Are They Inevitable?

ďEvery diabetic eventually suffers from some of the complications of their disease. Itís inevitable.Ē

If you surrender control of your healthcare to your doctor, if you abandon responsibility for your own health and rely instead on your doctorís various potions, you will surely suffer from one or more of the terrible complications of diabetes.

You may go blind, have one of both of your feet amputated, suffer kidney failure requiring either kidney dialysis or kidney transplantation, suffer a heart attack or slide into dementia. Based on their long and sad track record Ė the diabetes drugs your doctor prescribes wonít protect you over the long run.   

But if you reverse the underlying cause of your disease, the risk of complications vanishes along with the disease itself! Why waste time and risk your very life when you donít have to? Tackle the problem at itís very source and youíll never have to worry about diabetes complications.