Diabetes Secret #3

Insulin is NOT Your Friend!

Insulin is a hormone that has played a critical role in our survival. If it weren't for insulin we wouldn't have survived! Here is how it works.

A Bear Story

Say you have an animal like a bear. It lives in the woods and wanders around all day hoping to find some food. Sometimes the bear gets lucky and finds plenty to eat but on other occasions food is hard to find. In the wild the food supply is highly unreliable.

The poor bear may go for days or even weeks without finding any food. So nature created insulin to help protect him against starvation.

Let's say our bear is hungry and stumbles on a line of blackberry bushes that are full of juicy, ripe blackberries. He begins to munch away. When the first sensation of sweetness occurs in his mouth his pancreas immediately responds by increasing it's output of insulin.

This increased insulin has three main functions all of which prepare the bear for any future famines. 

1. First insulin is a primary hunger hormone. Within minutes the bear's hunger is dramatically increased which ensures that he will eat as much as he can and gain as much fat as possible.

2, At the same time the extra insulin blocks his body's ability to burn fat for energy (ketosis). Nature wants to conserve as much fat as possible as it will help him get through a lack of food in some point in the future.

3. Then the insulin promotes rapid weight gain. Again the goal is the same - to increase the bear's fat stores. The more fat is stored the more easily he can survive in a future where food is hard to find.

Perhaps now you can see why insulin is a dieters worse nightmare. If your blood insulin level is too high it will trigger rapid weight gain and make it much more difficult to lose weight through dieting.

Get your insulin level down and you'll lose weight much more quickly and easily than ever before.  

Insulin is Your Friend?

Type 1 diabetics have to shoot up with insulin on a daily basis while with type 2 diabetes insulin injections are usually reserved for diabetics in the later stages of their disease.

Chances are your doctor will paint a very rosy picture when it comes to recommending insulin use. Very few physicians will give you the details listed above. Once again it seems as though their primary goal is the increased sale of pharmaceuticals. It's a simple case of greed - putting profits before people.

Most diabetics are overweight so using a hormone that promotes weight gain in three different ways seems like a very bad approach. This is why diabetic patients tend to gain weight over the years which makes their lives and the management of their diabetes even more difficult and eventually hastens their death due to stroke or heart attack.

As your insulin level rises you'll inevitably get fatter and the severity of your diabetic complications will worsen. Just remember that the weight gain is not your fault - it's the insulin that's the real problem. Be very careful about using insulin or any diabetes drug that increases insulin production in the pancreas.


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