Diabetes Secrets #1

What Causes Diabetes?

Ask any doctor and they'll tell you that something called Insulin Resistance is what causes diabetes. It's the root cause of type 2 diabetes (95% of diabetics suffer from type 2 diabetes).

Simply stated, if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes you have too much insulin in your blood and over time your body becomes less and less sensitive to it's effects. Over the years your body becomes so resistant to insulin it can no longer play it's natural role in keeping your blood sugar level down in the normal range.

As a result your blood sugar rises and when your fasting blood sugar level exceeds 125, your doctor hands you an official diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

But here's the bottom line: The real cause of your
diabetes is having too much insulin in your blood
which in turn causes insulin resistance.

Over the years as your diabetes worsens the level of insulin in your blood will slowly but steadily rise. The higher it goes, the sicker (and usually fatter) you'll get. Because of this, your blood insulin level is an accurate measure of how rapidly your diabetes is worsening.

Here's the bottom line:

Having too much insulin in your blood is the real problem. The higher your blood insulin level soars, the sicker you get and the sooner you die. To make matters even worse, insulin is implicated in a long and growing list of other deadly diseases including heart disease, certain forms of cancer and the most feared of all diseases - Alzheimer's disease. 

Also, since your blood insulin level is the root cause of your diabetes, any attempt to heal your diabetes must reduce your insulin level. The lower it goes, the better you'll feel and the less likely you'll be to suffer the many terrible complications diabetes usually causes.

And since insulin stimulates hunger, triggers rapid weight gain, when you get your blood insulin level down you'll lose weight faster and easier than ever before!

Doctors Haven't Got a Clue!

Despite all this, doctors do not routinely order blood insulin tests. Why not? Since doctors don't have any insulin reducing medications, why bother? Physicians have many different blood sugar drugs but none that will help normalize your insulin level.

And since our medical system is built on the for-profit motive, there's no reason why your doctor would order an insulin test if it isn't going to lead to increased use of highly profitable prescription drugs.

By managing your diabetes through the use of blood sugar drugs they maximize their profits along with the profits of the drug companies that make the drugs. But sadly this narrow approach does little or nothing to reverse the elevated insulin level that's the root cause of your disease - which continues to fester and worsen over the years.

No One Has Ever Been Cured of Diabetes by Taking Drugs
Because Diabetes Drugs Only Suppress Symptoms.

If you're to reverse diabetes you simply have to get your blood insulin level back down into the normal range. In my guide I give you the latest scientifically proven information on how you can quickly and easily bring your blood insulin level down and cure diabetes - without drugs.

Also, I'll show you a very simple way to quickly and easily determine your own personal blood insulin level - without any need for the blood insulin test.


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