Diabetes Secret #6

The Insulin-Alzheimer's Link

Though having a high insulin level doesn't directly cause Alzheimer's disease - it approximately doubles your risk of being diagnosed with this most feared of all diseases.

Way back in the 1950s scientists analyzed the brain matter of deceased individuals and found very small quantities of insulin. From this observation emerged a theory that the human brain didn't need insulin to perform it's normal functions.

This theory was widely accepted until a study in the 1990s completely destroyed it. A lab rat was trained to negotiate a complex wooden maze. After some training the rat could shoot through the whole maze in less than six seconds flat!

The trained rat was then injected with a research drug that blocked the flow of insulin from the blood into the brain. The drug didn't block the flow of blood sugar, it only blocked the flow of insulin.

The result was stunning. When the rat was dropped into the maze it stood frozen and confused. It didn't know where it was. it's memory was completely gone, all because it's brain couldn't get the insulin we now know it needed.

Clearly the old theory was wrong. The brain is in fact dependent on a steady flow of insulin in order to fulfill it's many duties.

Diabetes of the Brain?

The root cause of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. You have far too much insulin circulating in your bloodstream and as a result your body becomes numb to it's effects and insulin loses it's ability to keep your blood sugar level down so it climbs too high and a doctor gives you a diagnosis of diabetes.

But here's the big question: If the brain needs insulin couldn't it also become resistant to insulin's effects? Couldn't the brain become diabetic? Could it be that Alzheimer's disease is only a new kind of diabetes - diabetes of the brain?

Recent research has shown that diabetes is insulin resistance of the whole body, while Alzheimer's disease is insulin resistance of the brain.

For well over 20 years we've known that diabetics were two to three times as likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease as non-diabetics. Why this was true has always been a mystery.

But now we know that the root cause of both diabetes and Alzheimer's disease is - too much insulin in the blood.

Clearly our systems were made to operate on an insulin level that was kept within a narrow range. But now with most American's having extremely high insulin levels, Alzheimer's disease is fast becoming a major epidemic.

The simple fact is - lower your insulin level and you can significantly reduce your risk of losing your marbles to Alzheimer's disease.


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