Diabetes Secret #2

Can Diabetes Drugs Make
Your Diabetes Worse?

Some of the most popular diabetic drugs reduce your blood sugar level by forcing the pancreas to produce more insulin. If you take one or more of these drugs your blood sugar level will almost certainly fall.

But if having too much insulin in your blood is the root cause of diabetes, why in the world would you want to take a drug that would increase your insulin level even higher?

Even worse, certain diabetics are prescribed insulin injections that directly increase blood insulin levels. While these injections quickly bring blood sugar levels down, over the long term they only tend to make matters worse.

Taking insulin increasing drugs and/or using insulin injections are like pouring gasoline on a fire! These two treatment approaches are exactly the wrong thing to do. 

Drugs and Insulin Injections Don't Heal Diabetes
They Make Matters Worse by Doing More Harm Then Good!

The result of this madness is plain to see. Studies have found that over 80% of diabetics who carefully take all the drugs their doctor prescribe die 10-19 years before their time of a premature heart attack or stroke.

There are two classes of insulin-increasing prescription medications:

1. Sulfonylureas: such as diabinese, glucotrol, micronase and amaryl.

2. Meglitinides: such as prandin and starlix.

Use these medications with great care. If you want to reverse diabetes you simply have to get your insulin level down and avoid anything that tends to increase it and that includes diabetes drugs and insulin injections.

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